Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Apologies to All Southerners

In my last post, I seemed to single out Southerners as being particularly reluctant to help replenish the suffering U.S. Federal Treasury.  I'm sorry about that, and I apologize.  I know very well that nobody likes to pay taxes. Not even me. It hurts when it comes to writing that check.

It's just that the the Representatives and Senators who seem to be the leading anti taxers are from the South. You may object that John Boehner is from Ohio, which isn't exactly South, but he was born in Reading, Ohio, which is just across the River from Kentucky. 

I admit, however, that there are plenty of other leading anti taxers from the North, East, and West.

I am trying to keep my politics out of this blog, which is why I have a separate blog for my political rants.  But practically every day, there is some event that makes me either sad or mad about the political and economic state of the country.  Now I know how my great grandfather felt when as Chief Engineer of Louisiana he struggled, often in vain, to get the appropriations needed to build and repair Louisiana levees.

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